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Stronger, Fitter, Forest-Ready

Experience our innovative health and fitness solution designed for the unique needs and demands of working class jobs like Forestry work.

Do You Have a Hands On Job With Long Hours? This One's For You!

ForestryFit is so much more than your typical fitness routine. It’s a custom-tailored plan teeming with expert tips, relatable narratives, and a whole lot of inspiration.

Our program not only fosters a healthier, more robust lifestyle but also takes your unsociable hours and your unique barriers into account. It ensures you’re on top of your fitness game every single day, with an added bonus of like-minded people in the ForestryFit community. 

Your Guide on this Journey

Our coach walks the talk, literally. A forestry worker himself, Duncan experienced the challenges you face daily. The working away from home. The getting up super early. The many reasons why health and fitness take a back seat. 

He’s lived the transformational journey you are about to undertake, and he’ll be there to guide you every step of the way.

The Benefits You'll Reap?


Feel and look your best self, skyrocket your confidence


Nutrition tips that will energise your day

Tailored Workouts

Handy workouts that seamlessly blend with your daily routine


Encouragement, camaraderie, and some questionable patter to make the journey enjoyable

Watch testimonial
"Genuinely fellas, if you're like me and you've become a bit jaded, and looking for a path to get away from the fat machine driver scenario, then this guy's got it good."
Jamie Jukes

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